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A Beginners Guide To Copywriting - "How To Light A Fire..."

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Do you get it? The illustration?


Well let's put it like this then...

You've got a product, you've spent quite a bit of time putting it together. Your product fills a need. It provides a solution.

It's a stepping stone to move your buyers away from frustration and pain to pleasure at finding their ideal solution. Needed because they want to do something right now but they haven't personally got the necessary tools to bring their plan into action without the solution you're providing.

Step in to the equation your product. The filler for the gap.

Next you need to position your fire. In this case, lighting the fire of desire in your intended buyers minds. To do this this you need a good bed. A good foundation. Something which allows the rest of your sales copy to breathe. This is your main headline.

The purpose of the main headline is to get your readers really bloody excited about what you have to offer them.

Now, think about your product. What is the one core emotion you want to ignite in their (your readers) headspace? Really take some time out to focus in on this single emotion like a laser.

This emotion, whatever it may be, is going to be the framework or main supporting pillar / infrastructure for your main headline and the rest of your sales copy.

Stir up one core emotion. Sock your biggest benefit straight between the eyeballs of your readers. Get them excited. Don't be afraid to experiment with words.

Now, analyze what you've put down. Put yourself into your target market shoes and ask yourself, "What are these words going to do to my target audience emotions?"

You can bet your bottom dollar if your main headline bores you, it's most certainly going to bore your target audience.

So write a main headline or 50 which seriously blows your mind. This main headline is perhaps the most important element of any part of your copywriting.

Why? Because if you don't grab the attention of your target audience instantly chances are they'll click out and you've lost the sale forever.

It's easy to write a mundane headline...

"Who else wants to..."

"Discover how you can..." - Excuse me whilst I put my fingers down the back of my throat and retch. Stuff that malarkey. When I say ignite the passion of your readers - I mean exactly that.

Your main headline is the ignition key (the flint) to get your fire (engine) started.

Take some time out and really work your main headline. Stick a piece of dynamite under your words and blow the thing up to smithereens.

Explode your biggest benefit up right in front of their faces...

BAM! "Whoa! This is something else. What the hell is this? I must carry on reading to find out more. This looks to be exactly what I'm looking for."

Your main headine needs to convey your single biggest irresistible benefit. And your main headline, it has one purpose only...

To get the reader to read the first sentence down below.

In effect, you want to keep your readers hanging on by their finger nails, glued to your words which are all having a positive emotional effect in the mind of your potential buyers.

Eager to find out more.

Shaking with excitement.

Dying to read the next sentence down.

Justifying their reason for spending their time reading your sales copy.

Every word you write must reinforce the one core emotion you brought attention to in your main headline. There's a point to be made here about connectors. (Or connection points whichever you prefer)...

As you hop from one paragraph to the next... you'll run into the danger of going off on a tangent. Introducing fluff and BS, extra words which have no direct relevance to your purpose. Your purpose is to connect your product and it's benefits to the void felt and experienced by your laser targeted traffic.

Keep on topic. Keep on top of this one core emotion which you are trying to stir up in the mind of your readers.

Don't even think about writing / saying something which doesn't aid you to get the sale.

If you do go off on a tangent, all you'll do is to introduce a second emotion into their consciousness (your readers) which can potentially sabotage the work you've already put in trying to get your readers to take the action you want.

Every word you use, every sentence you write, ever paragraph you construct will trigger an emotional response in the mind of your readers. This is why it's so important to focus in like a laser on the single core emotion you're wanting to work on... to the exclusion of all others.

When your readers are in pain emotionally without the answer they're looking for do not under estimate their level of frustration. Frustration with themselves, frustration with their own inability to provide the solution they need instantly. They're primed subconsciously to latch onto the best solution for their needs right now.

Your job as product creator and writing your own sales copy is to play upon their desire for an instant solution. Pitching your product as the answer to their prayers will very quickly switch out their negative emotions towards emotional pleasure IF you take the time out to really focus in on their exact current need.

Hold them with your words exactly where you want them to be. Tease them. Play with their thoughts and emotions. Exaggerate their feelings of inadequacy. Toy with their frustration. Make their problem bigger than what it really is.

And at the appropriate moment slam your offer down on the table right in front of them.

Take them aback. Make them feel astounded. "Yes! This is exactly what I need right now. Where the hell is the buy it now button? I need this right now!"

Don't hold back. Tell your readers, your targeted traffic / eyeballs exactly what is expected of them to do next. You are the film director. You direct the action. You're in control. It's your role to empower your prospects to help them to move away from a feeling of being without something to feeling whole again.

Ask for the sale. Here it is. Your ideal solution. This is how much it is and this is how you can get your hands on this incredible offer instantly. Click the button below to buy it now!

Overall lesson...

Stop holding yourselves back. If you truly believe in the power of your product or service, let rip with a few choice words to carry strong emotional impact directly into the mind of your potential target market. Woo them. Seduce them. Bring them on side. Get them in agreement with you. Hanging on to every word you write.

Light their fire. Add some fuel and watch your sales take off!

Smoking hot,

Mark Andrews
Date: Jun 27, 2013   

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A Beginners Guide To Copywriting - "How To Light A Fire..."
A Beginners Guide To Copywriting - "How To Light A Fire..."
A Beginners Guide To Copywriting - "How To Light A Fire..."
A Beginners Guide To Copywriting - "How To Light A Fire..."
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